If you have an idea in mind & would like a commission doing drop me an email or call & we can discuss your idea until I’m happy I understand completely what you have in your mind. Bear in mind I’ll need 2/3 weeks notice as I cant just drop everything. But when I tell you my expected finish date I will stick to that. If for some reason you need something urgently, for whatever reason, run it by me anyway & if I can do it I will. It just depends if what I’m working on can be put on the back burner for a week. I’ll work with you every step of the way.

Pricing can vary a little, depending if we both know what you want & I can work straight through on it, or whether you’re uncertain & I have to keep producing sketches etc until you’re happy. But for a commission it will be around the £500, with me retaining limited rights in that I can produce some limited edition prints of the piece. This will be discussed prior to producing your piece.

My requirements are a 50% deposit up front & the balance upon completion of the work. But don’t be afraid to ask, I’ll answer everything you want to know & more than happy to work with you & you will find me very approachable & nothing will be a problem, so ask away. If its a commission you’re after then I’ll happily discuss it & look forward to working with you. Decide before hand whether its going in a traditional frame, or a modern medium as on glass, aluminium etc or even a canvas.


Whilst we understand different people have many & varied tastes with pictures, we will do our utmost to accommodate yours. Whether you want a classic print with white border to frame, whether you’d prefer a canvas, a Giclee, a block board etc, there are many variables & nothings a problem, we’ll work around your requirements & offer advice/thoughts, just ask!

Limited Editions

Where stated some of our work will be limited to a certain number of prints, the number will be stated with each piece, whether 200, 350 etc & the number of each print placed in the bottom of each piece & numbered as so 3/250, 67/250 to 250/250 & signed. You will also receive a COA (certificate of authenticity) from us.


If you see a piece you like & fancy owning but something puts you off, IE there’s a B & W but somethings picked out in Red & you want it all B & W, or a B & W & you want something picked out in colour, just ask, we don’t bite & will do this for no extra charge, or there’s something else you want adding, removing etc, Just Holla!

Photo Restoration & Retouching

After many years retouching Photo’s for magazines, we’re now offering our expertise to the Public. We can do anything from a basic retouch, IE remove marks, cup rings etc, to restoring your ancient Dog-Eared Grandparents Photos. Or maybe you want some wedding photos brought up to date with a more professional look & feel.

This is my hobby! This is how I unwind! This is what I enjoy doing therefore no job will be a problem & you may be surprised at the price too! Starting from as little as £5.00 for basic work.

How does it work? Simple, you email me a Pic telling me what you’re after & I’ll return an email with out Quote. You say either “Yes go ahead” or “Nope, I’ll look elsewhere”, that simple! You may be surprised too with the price!

What happens if you get the Pic & you change your mind? Simple! “Sorry don’t want it now”, that’s it. Am I that trusting? Almost, except the example will have a watermark through it & if your happy we then send you the Re touched one. But in the meantime, we’ll happily work with you until you’re satisfied.

We accept all aspects of Photos that can be emailed to us, Jpg, Tiff, Png, Gif’s etc but don’t let anything confuse you, we’re here to make things simple for you. Or you may want to post something if thats easier. Just ask.

Simply email me here with your requirements/questions & we go from there. Nothings a problem we can’t work round, from magazine cover work, background changing, body reshaping etc at the high end, to turning B & W & adding specific colour/s down to basic exposure/colour correction.

Prints & Spec

All our Prints are ‘Archival Giclee prints’ with a white border, please state if you do not want a Border & we’ll print without. We use Giclee C-type Matt.

By default our Prints are 20″ x 16″” and 10″ x 8″. If you want a different size that’s fine, just state what you’re after & we’ll work around you. Other sizes will be added soon via the drop down menu to some images.

Turn a round is generally a week from your order but often less.

Digital C-types are real photographic prints, created on light sensitive professional photographic paper using a finely balanced red, green & blue light source. We use one of the Countries state of the art printers with all the latest Hi Tech equipment. It costs a little more but you will be completely satisfied. Details provided if required.


Limited editions are all Signed, Certificated & numbered. Size & Spec as stated above.


As this is a completely new venture for us, we don’t have as yet any Signatures to add to the Pictures, although in time this will be nice addition.

Got a Question?

If you have anything you would like to ask us regarding the services we offer or if you are unclear of any of the terms and conditions on this page then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you with a reply as soon as possible.